Our Solutions

We offer software solutions for the hospitality industry as well as for the retail industry from fine dining to quick service restaurants to supermarkets, c-stores, boutiques and similar establishments. 

Our POS system is built to meet every business needs through carefully-designed and straightforward features empowering the end-users to effectively manage business operations.

Restaurant and Quick Service

Neutron Integrated System (NIS) is a comprehensive restaurant point of sale solution designed to be amazingly easy to use, brilliantly flexible and rock-solid reliable.

Developed to easily work in any restaurant environment from fine dining to fast casual to quick service setups, NIS allows staffs to enter orders with maximum speed and efficiency so they have more time to focus on delivering an outstanding guest experience that will in turn create loyal guest. One of its major components, the NIS BackOffice, offers powerful features enabling managers to track sales and perform better inventory control.

NIS helps you deliver a rewarding experience for your guests and have better staffs because of its user-friendly interface and simple flow ensuring quick and accurate placement of orders. Read more...

Retail and Specialty Stores

Neutron Integrated System Retail Edition (NIS Retail) is a comprehensive retail point of sale and retail management solution designed to be simple, fast, flexible and scalable allowing it to adapt in every retailing operations. Among its major components are POS Front-end, Back-office System, Inventory System, Customer Management and Customer Loyalty and Rewards System all integrated into one complete solution. NIS Retail also comes with an Ordering Management module suitable for drugstores.

NIS Retail helps retailers to achieve effective operations and with favorable investment returns. It offers powerful features enabling retailers to track sales and perform better inventory control. Read more...

Spa and Salon Services

Neutron Integrated System for Spa and Salon Service includes all the capabilities of a Point-of-Sale System with spa and salon functionalities built on top of it.

With extensive Point-of-Sale system features, reporting system, inventory management, customer loyalty and rewards management and staff and commission management, you’ll get all your needs integrated into one complete solution Read more...

Customer Benefits of our Solutions

Quality and Complete Solution at an Affordable Price

  • You can have all the features: Point of Sale System, Inventory System, Customer Loyalty and Rewards System in one complete package even when you purchase a single terminal, stand-alone mode only. No need to purchase each component separately.

  • Even with the complete solution offering, our price is much more competitive than any solutions providers around.

Increase Sales and Profitability

  • Increase repeat business probabilities with customer loyalty programs and rewards systems.

  • Increase throughput with a flexible and business-friendly POS.

Increase Employee Productivity

  • Lessen training time and increase operation efficiency with a user-friendly interface and fool-proof system flows and features.

Make Smarter and Faster Business Decisions

  • Through our comprehensive reports and analysis reports, you can transform your data into actionable information.