Retail and Specialty Stores

Neutron Integrated System Retail (NIS Retail)

Neutron Integrated System Retail Edition (NIS Retail) is a comprehensive retail point of sale and retail management solution designed to be simple, fast, flexible and scalable allowing it to adapt in every retailing operations. 

Among its major components are POS Front-end, Back-office System, Inventory System, Customer Management and Customer Loyalty and Rewards System all integrated into one complete solution. NIS Retail also comes with an Ordering Management module suitable for drugstores.


Developed to easily work with any retailing process, NIS Retail helps retailers to achieve effective operations and with favorable investment returns. One of its major components, the NIS BackOffice, offers powerful reporting and maintenance features enabling managers to track sales and perform better inventory control.

System Features

Maintenance Modules

Gain total control of your operations using our maintenance modules. Every master files and parameters can be modified by the client such as new products, price changes, discounts and others enabling the stores to have total control.

Order Management

One of the key components of NIS Retail that is best suited for drugstores and similar industries.

Email and SMS Alerts

Manage your operations easier. Be in control. With Neutron Integrated System's Email and SMS alerts, owners will be able to check sales real-time keeping them always informed and in the know.

Fast and Easy to Learn

With a user-friendly interface and simple operation flow with less keystrokes, training of staffs and employees can be done in a snap.

Hardware Integration

NIS works with most of the POS hardware available in the market. From branded to non-branded, NIS supports wide range of receipt printers, customer displays and other POS peripherals.

Advertisement Screen

Promote your products. With NIS Ads Display software you can play videos, images and advertisements plus a much better, more informative customer display.

Better Inventory Control

Manage your costs and inventories. Accomplish everything from tracking product sales, deliveries and inventories.


Make smarter business decisions with NIS comprehensive reports which help you transform your data into actionable information. Whether you need a simple daily sales report or a more complex, in-depth analysis, NIS delivers the reports you need.

Membership and Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Look forward to driving more business from your best customers with strong customer loyalty tools and rewards system giving you the ability to track customer usage, create marketing programs and promotions, award rewards and manage discounts based on customer's purchases.

Security and Data Integrity

On top of its rich features, NIS provides tight security through its extensive password protection and user restriction definition to each and every function along with its audit trail logging feature. These features are also built with data integrity in mind so as not to risk information accuracy over nice-to-have functionalities.

Branch Management System and Data Consolidation

Our BMS lets you manage your stores and consolidate reporting at your company headquarters.  Price changes, new products and other master files can be done from the head-office and sent to all stores on a real-time basis.

Other Features

  • Multiple Tenders. Accepts wide range of payment methods from cash, credit cards, gift checks, ATMs, SMAC (SM Advantage Card) and other forms of payment.

  • Multi-level Discounts and configurable discounts

  • Promotional discounts (time and date triggered discounts suitable for promotional items).

  • BIR-compliant Senior Discounts

  • Time and Attendance. Monitor your employees' Time-in and Time-out with this feature.

  • Open Item. Sell special request products or products not included in your regular items.

  • Asian Character Support (e.g. Chinese characters).

  • Diplomat Transactions. Accepts diplomat transactions (non-vatable).

  • Cashier Accountability

  • Suspend and Resume

  • Open Price

  • Configurable table layouts and floor plans

  • and much more!